Site Redirect

Hello Friends,

I have inherited a site

It used to have many subsite e.g.

Few years back org decided to move from this structure for new site to something like below for new sites:

Now if let say I want my user to go directly to
I would go to dreamhost admin panel for and configure a redirect in this to ridirect to This great and works perfectly however this results in losing our access to
which was not thought of earlier when we decided to move to above described scenario.

I need help from Forum to do following:
Have all user redirect to whenever someone enter at the same time have somehow accessible.

Thank You

You’ll need to make some adjustments to your .htaccess file where all of this magic happens.

On thing you may want to consider is making all of the redirect to for consistency. It might make your life easier in future.


Thank for hint, l think I forgot to mention I am not well versed with dreamhost and we are org of 3 to 4 people who support cause to help people. Most of us are very non tech.

Also how would one migrate to
please note the exiting site is (which is actually) a subsite like many other…

As far as (note PQR instead) they are new method of creating subdomain within parent site.

I would request you to please give me more details and example so that I can achieve the above.

Can’t. Need more details about your site. Is each subdomain a different app or just a section of the site? Are they user-created accounts? Is the site based on static files or dynamic content. Too many unknowns to offer any concrete advice.

With is actually a complete site in itself.

There are no user created account, these are static sites no dynamic sites.

you’ll need to give more details if you want help. maybe actual links to the site? names of the apps? copy of the relevant parts of your .htaccess file? more details about the current and previous setups, etc

Thanks Bobocat but that will not be possible. At this point I would sincerely thank you for your help.