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What’s the typical lag time between uploading the web site via FTP and having the ability to actually see it on the Internet?


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It should be instantaneous, unless your ISP is caching (don’t forget to “refresh” your own browser) once DNS is updated.

If you are waiting for a “new” domain name to be reachable via DNS, than anywhere from a few minutes up to 72 hours or so, and it will differ from place to place, for various routes, etc. That is normal, and is just the process of DNS updating. :wink:


I used XSP to upload-they have an FTP built in utility. I can see the files when I click on WebFTP in the “Manage Domains” section. But when I try to upload them into the proper directory with net2ftp, I’m having no luck. And the directions are less than clear on the help guide.
Another issue seems to be that the home page–***.com/index.html wasn’t uploaded–I don’t see it on the list anywhere.

I have no experience with XSP, so I can shed no light on what issues may or may not be involved with that for uploading purposes.

I suggest you investigate using a stand-alone ftp or sftp client to manipulate your uploads; you 'll not only benefit from better general performance, but have better and more accessible help available.

You might find the FTP section of the DH Wiki to be helpful. :wink:


where do the files reside when you use WebFTP? Are they inside “” folder?

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Actually, the issue I’m having is within Dreamhost. The files seem to be there when I click on the WebFTP link in the Manage Domains section. I just can’t decipher the net2ftp instructions enough to figure out how to get all the files into the proper place(s). Under the root directory and so forth. The FTP part seems to have worked.
On the main net2ftp screen, there are 4 directories in a group at the top of the screen and then all the files I uploaded underneath them. I can’t figure out how to upload the files into one of the directories listed.

in “Manage Domain” section, if you click “WebFTP” to open the web directory of a domain, you will see all the files which you uploaded.

In net2ftp, you will first see the files. The path to the files are stated on the top “root/”. If you have seen these information, your files are in the right place.

If the files are in the right place and you have this problem, you may want to consider rlparker’s suggestions in the first post.

If you are using a router, you can try to shutdown and restart the router to clear router’s cache.

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Actually, the problem you have described is not “within Dreamhost” at all; it seems you just need help operating net2ftp. :wink:

There are several ways to get “into” the appropriate directory, which you should do before you upload the files. You can fill in the directory name in the text box in the upper left section of the screen (with the words “Directory Tree: root /” under it), or click on the little “directory tree” icon at the top of the page, next to that box and select a directory, or just click on the directory name in the list of directories in the content area of the net2ftp screen. Any of these will place you into the indicated directory.

Once there, you then upload your files, which will place them where you intend. Since it seems you have already loaded all the files into the “root” of your user space (instead of the “web root” or “base” directory of a website - a directory named like “yourdomain.tld”) you could use the net2ftp “move” function (upper right section of the screen) to just move them to the appropriate directory without re-uploading them, but given the trouble you are having manipulating net2ftp, you may find that to be confusing. :wink:


It sounds as though he has uploaded all the files to his “user” directory, not into a “website directory”. If this is indeed the case, caching is not going to be an issue - the files are just not accessible to the web, and he will need to get them into the correct directory to “see” them in a browser via http. :wink: .


It’s not the most intuitive interface, but I did manage to figure out how to move the files using the net2ftp interface.
Looking good! Thanks for your help.

You sure have that right! :open_mouth: I personally think that the net2ftp interface is pretty horrible, and I generally avoid it if at all possible. I really only use it if I am “away” from my regular workstation, or behind a firewall that prevents me from using a “real” ftp or sftp client. :wink:

That said, I’m glad you were able to get it sorted, and was more than happy to try to help you figure it out (though it looks like you figured it out yourself using the “move” option). I still think you will be happier in the long run with whatever effort it takes to become acquainted with a “real” ftp or sftp client - it makes things a lot easier and more intuitive, IMHO. :wink:


You’re absolutely right. These “black box” solutions look easy on the surface, but they can really “box” you in, pun intended.