Site problem?

I’ve an account with DreamHost, and run several websites powered by wordpress. All of these sites I have used 1-click install to setup, and have been working smoothly for a while now.

Suddenly over the last two days non of the sites work. At first they would display ‘Error establishing a database connection’, then I just can’t connect to them anymore. I can visit other sites just fine, so my internet isn’t the problem here.

I haven’t changed anything through ftp, nor in the wordpress setting lately, this is just strange.

When I log on through my DreamHost online account, the site is also unavailable. So is:

Can anyone help? I’ve put so much efforts into these sites, I wouldn’t know where to start if I have to restart from scratch.

I’m having problems loading dreamhoststatus right now.

I noticed earlier this morning (Aussie time) that Panel went down for me briefly, too.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

DreamHost is having problems at the server farm. The DreamHost Status page went down or was overloaded. If you can’t get there here’s the message:

Emergency Network Maintenance at our LAX Datacenter
Posted (April 21st, 2010 at 12:34 am PST) by patrickm
We’re very sorry about the inconvenience this is causing, but we are experiencing some network issues with some servers in our LAX data center. This is causing downtime for Private Servers and MySQL. Our network engineer is on site and we hope to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Please check this space for updates.

Per the advice of a DreamHost tech the other day I signed-up for a free account at so I get an email sent out when my site goes down and when it comes back up. I have a filter in my email so it forwards the message to my mobile phone text account too.

So far it’s alerted me pretty quick about down/up time. So you folks might want to give that a try so it messages you when your server comes back up, beats hitting refresh on the status page like crazy.

seems fixed finally.