Site preview while in development


Hi, new to dreamhost here and have followed the wiki on this but still need some additional help if possible. I want to be able to preview a site while I work on it, before I point the live domain to my dreamhost server. I’ve added the domain via the Control Panel, and all my files sit in the directory, /home/user/ - which is correct I think. When trying to follow the wiki with regards the mirroring details, I find that the only option I have is as follows, where I can’t change any of these details:

Create the mirror at:
Mirror this site:

The is just a live site sitting on the same server space. Is there something I’m missing here? Probably a newb mistake no doubt :slight_smile:


If you had supplied your actual domain names we might be able to write a better reply for you, because we can use tools to look at the DNS of your domains.

I think what you are saying is that BOTH and are already here at dreamhost, but “pointing live domain” in the first line makes this confusing because typically that would be talking about an “” that is hosted elsewhere. It also sounds like you are following the directions for when DNS of “” is not set to dreamhost.

If is hosted elsewhere the point that you are missing is that the mirror that you want to create is to a free and temporary sub-domain.

If and are on the same server, then you don’t need those sets of instructions at all. Just make sure that and are set up using the same user on “manage domains” page in the panel. (look for the “web hosting” collumn) and then just beneath the words “fully hosted”). If both sites are using the same user there then when you are ready to make the new site live there it’s a pretty simple set of instructions, but to tell you EXACTLY what to do there we need to knwo what webapp you are using such as wordpress or phpbb etc (the wordpress instructions are in this forumm many times.)


You might want to try the domain following: