Site Parked


My friend registered my domain which I bought using his dreamhost control panel. (I have proof that I own the domain). Now my website which is hosted in Dreamhost is currently parked, and I have decided to buy a new hosting from another vendor. I did this so I could manage my domain by myself. Now I don’t have access to a dreamhost control panel and I would like to change the DNS of my site how will I do this?

Appreciate your help

You should still have access to DH panel. What message did you see when you try to log in? If the message is invalid username or password, did you try to reset the password?

The key is in your very first words

It doesn’t matter whos credit card was used, the person that controls that domain is your friend. There is a domain transfer process that can be used to transfer the domain, but the process must be started by logging into the account with control.

Dreamhost can’t modify domain ownership outside of that process. There is no way for Dreamhost to substantiate one users claim over a domain name against anothers claim. I’m afraid the only way for dreamhost to make these changes for you to obtain a court order establishing your ownership, anything short of that is simply ‘he-said’ ‘she-said’ arguments that will fall on death ears.

This would be true of any domain registrar, it is not dreamhost specific.

Thanks for this info, I completely understand however right now we are not in good terms and he’s using this (access to DH) to screw me. By parking my site. [hr]

I tried to login however I receive this message. “Error! We have no account for that email address!”