Site parked on wrong DreamHost account

One of the domain names associated with my account is parked, but it should have been parked on a different account (a friend for whom I do general computer tech support).

Is there a simple authorized way to move a parked domain name from one DreamHost account to another?

Am I asking this question in the wrong place?

Probably. Sounds like something Support could help you with.

But if you have control over the domain name, and the nameservers are pointed at Dreamhost, just cancel the parking on one account and enable it on the other. I think, theoretically, anyone with a Dreamhost account can host anyone´s domain if the nameservers are pointed at dreamhost and no one else on Dreamhost is trying to host it. Or maybe that´s just my naïve understanding.

I think you may be right: all of the whois info is correct, as well as the nameserver info. I’ll check with Support to be sure, though. Thanks for the insight.