Site on Server Loading Slow


I have two Wordpress website on Dreamhost ( and ( and it is loading extremely slow.

It has been taking over 30 seconds to load for a few days now.

Can someone help me?

Tnx a lot!!

Same problem here, although I only noticed it today.

All websites on same server take significantly longer to load.

They’re not timing out, but I’d say barely.

Me three. I just set up DreamObjects/owncloud so it may have something to do with that, but it takes 5-6 min to upload 1.7 MB - not GB - of data. I’ve tried repeatedly over the last 12 or so hours, but no improvement.

And the server is still responding after 5-6 min ?

What are you doing?

OK - it seems that the problem has something to do with Dreamhost and Wordpress together.

I am running 4+ websites with Wordpress. One of them is one version behind, the other 3 are fully updated versions. So it’s not a “version” thing.


ALL of them are taking almost forever to load, but not timing out (BARELY)

One Example:

I am running a couple of PHP-MySQL based websites with scripts that I wrote myself. (database driven, but much less complex than a Wordpress site). THEY’RE running GREAT.


So again, there’s something about Dreamhost+Wordpress that’s going on.

I’m thinking Wordpress is trying to contact “something” but Dreamhost is blocking it (or is being blocked?) but I’m not seeing any timeout / error messages - just SLOW.

Is there a way in Wordpress to log problems or something?

So many people run WP - we two can’t be the only ones with problems…

Apparently, because the files eventually upload. I’m trying it again using Cyberduck and am getting a top speed of 7 KB/sec - not MB or GB.

I’m pretty sure it’s not just a DH/Wordpress issue because I’m not doing anything with Wordpress.

Same here. Happened after a SERVER move yesterday, and then apparently an UBUNTU upgrade at the same time. Maybe not the best plan…
I have a trouble ticket in and they suggested the typical:
He told me there was some “slowness” observed on the server and that they were looking at it but i never heard back. My wordpress sites and many other Dynamic PHP sites are all rendered pretty much useless right now unless you enjoyed the Days of 14.4 modems and Prodigy…
I have had one of my developers start to move the site to one of our Dedicated servers, and point the name there… Giving up on Wordpress at DH…
I’ll probably just go ahead and move all of these sites to that server and be done with it…

I HAD to come back here and update. So many others DON’T do that! They don’t explain what finally happened!

So, after trying out a LOT of variables, I finally filed a trouble ticket (marked “not urgent”) and they replied in a couple of hours tops.

I do NOT quite understand what the problem was, but it was explained that, after my server had been scheduled for migration to a new server, my domains were held back because I still had a couple of them set to an older version of PHP.

So, all my domains were on the same server, nothing had changed, yet SOMEHOW(?) their performance changed? I still don’t get why that would have made any difference, but it sure got my attention!

The tech explained that all I’d have to do was to switch the PHP version to a higher level, and they could make the move to the new server. In a few hours, it was all done!

The new server performance is noticeably faster than it was before the slow down!

So color I’m very happy!

BTW: Changing the PHP level didn’t “break” anything.