Site not working

I bought my domain from yahoo. . I changed the nameservers to the dreamhost nameservers. I connected with an ftp client, and uploaded all of my files in to the folder, including an index.htm . But, nothing is happening. The site doesnt resolve to anything. I purchased the webhosting yesterday. Is this the problem, am I just not giving it enought time? Or did I Leave a step out somewhere?

It can take awhile. I had one Yahoo domain that took 2 or 3 days, though sometimes they’re much quicker.

You could log into your Yahoo control panel to make sure the changes stuck. If it shows the Dreamhost info, I’d just give it another day or two.

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Yeah, you are completely right, I just asked a friend across the state to go to the URL, and it works for him, so I spose the nameservers just havent had time to completely update, thanks.

If you’re on a windows machine, the DNS resolution cache is probably what’s affecting you. I bet your friend had never been to that URL before, and that’s how he got there. If you’re still experiencing problems, open a command window and type “ipconfig /flushdns” with no quotes. This will purge your cache, then refresh your browser.

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