Site not propogating

I have registered a domain with GoDaddy and have pointed the name servers to the NS1 and NS2

But it does not seem to be propagating and I am getting a DNS not found error on my browser.

I have launched other sites without a hitch but this is frustrating me. It has not been 24 hours yet, but it typically does not take this long.

Is it because I am using a .net extension instead of .com?

The site is

Any recommendations would be great. Thank you!

Thank you for contacting us for support. I looked into that domain and it doesn’t appear that the registration has gone through yet, or went through very recently and we’re not seeing any information returning for that domain yet. - The whois doesn’t appear to show the domain as taken yet.

If you have any questions or need anymore support please send our support team a ticket here and we’ll look into it.

Matt C

Ok, so I feel like a heel. I registered and not I was looking at both and only registered one.

I have registered it correctly now. Thanks for pointing out the error.

Much appreciated!