Site Not Found

I transferred my domain to dreamhost and to host from the scratch but after all the configurations, it keeps showing [site not found]

I need help urgently

One that that often helps is to go to the DreamHost panel for Manage Domains, then click Edit for your Fully Hosted domain. Don’t make any changes, but click Save. This often refreshes the configuration and clears up some issues.

When I look up your domain, I get one IP address for, but one additional IP address for I’ve not seen this before, though it points to the same server. Check DNS for your domain (also under Manage Domains) and see if there are any stray entries for www. Since redirects to the www, this may be the cause.

Hi Scott,
thanks for your response. which one should I leave on?

Do you want the www in your URL?
Leave it alone: Both and will work.

Add WWW: Make redirect to

Remove WWW: Make redirect to
should I delete one of the IP addresses and how do I do that? Thanks

Also remember that DNS changes take 4-8 hours to occur. It happens in dreamhosts namesevers very quickly, but for the rest of the world…4 to 8 hours generally. You can track progress at

It looks like it should be working for you now.

“leave it alone” never makes sense to me.
Add “www” makes sense for the top level of your domain… i.e.
"remove www" makes more sense for sub-domains such as

The good news is that your site is alive. The bad news is that there’s a PHP error.

As for the “www” part of your domain, I always remove it just for simplicity.

Hi, as regards the bad news what should I do to rectify it? I am a newbie