Site not appearing?

Hi all!

I uploaded my site via Filezilla about 4 hours ago, but it’s still not appearing. I’ve hosted a couple of other sites with Dreamhost and remember everything going very smoothly. I’ve checked that my site is fully hosted (it is) and triple checked the name of my files (index.html is there). I even logged in to Pydio to make sure there wasn’t a problem with Filezilla. All of my files seem to be in order.

Site address:

Is there anything else I can do? I would like to have this site up within the next couple hours.


Go to manage domains in the panel and check the name of the USER that appears next to the words “fully hosted” in the Web Hosting column. Is it the SAME name that you logged in with via Filezilla? If it’s not, then you have likely updated an old non-working set of files, update the files associated with the user.

If that’s not the problem, then are you using any kind of caching or CDN?
Have you made a recent DNS or hosting change? it looks like you are waiting on a DNS issue…

I double checked the user and I did upload to the correct one.

I’m not sure on the caching and CDN. How would I check that?

It’s not that… after I typed the first part I discovered what appears below the line in my prev msg.

How long ago did you set up hosting? You’re waiting on DNS, but that might just be a wait for it thing, or it might be that it’s stuck.

Set up about 17 hours ago now. I went ahead and filed a ticket with Dreamhost.