Site Monitoring


I have used Dreamhost for a couple of years now on dozens of web sites. Their reliability use to be great. However, for the last few months I have been getting frequent complaints from people that their website or email is down. Sometimes it happens for 5 minutes at a time. Other times, it lasts hours.

Does anyone out there use third party software on Dreamhost that measures their reliability (e.g. WatchMouse)? Their “Decommissioned” stats page always said 100% on sites and I know that that was not true.

In case you’re wondering, I’m using a Shared host plan. My website performance may not be as good, but does this mean I should expect regular outages every day? Because, that’s what I get right now and I’m need proof to show to Dreamhost tech support so they will address the problem.


DH used to be a pretty reliable host up until a little over a year ago when they tried to become the end all to beat all hosting provider. Since this recent growth, what made them good before (uptime & customer service) has tanked. They need to hire more knowledgable staff and get their house in order before taking on too many more clients.