Site management services

Hello All,
I am frequently asked to build and maintain web sites for small businesses and most of the time the people have no idea how this is done, nor do they care, so I pick the technologies that I think are best and host them where I like.

Obviously I would like to host them all at DH. I would also like to register their domain names through my DH account because it is do darn easy and convenient. So, how do I do that but still have my client as the actual owner of the domain name itself? They haven’t complained but it would be better business if I didn’t have to be the owner of these domain names.

Is it possible to do this just with my DH account and multiple domains or do I have to set up separate accounts for every site that I manage (yuck!)?

Herb Lainchbury
Dynamic Solutions Inc.

Perhaps things work differently for a .comnetorg domain, but for a .dk domain (Denmark) I would simply register it myself in my name and set it all up. Then, when all is ready, I would redelegate the domain to the client. That mostly means an contact person/address change with the hostmaster, and that’s it.
Then the client owns the domain (name), but I’d still be left owning the hosting. Would this situation be your solution, or your problem?