Site maintainence

My IT guy & me had a falling out… We had my wordpress/Dreamhost accounts linked up. I had him shut the site down to do some changes, and now since he is gone, I’m trying to figure out how to get it back up online again. Is this done through my dreamhost account or my wordpress account? Thanks!

What happens when you go to your site?
For starters, explore the DreamHost panel for Registrations and Manage Domains. Your domain should be registered (here, hopefully) and you can do the Modify WHOIS to see if it’s using the DreamHost name servers in the Registrations section.
In the Manage Domains section, if you click Edit, you should see that your site is Fully Hosted (unless your WordPress is a simple installation). Hopefully it’s a Custom Installation which is Fully Hosted. If you click the WebFTP link in Manage Domains, you should be able to log in and see your WordPress files in your directory.

thanks so much Scott!..My site is regestered. When i go to my site, it says its under construction. Do you know how to put it back on line from the under construction stasus?

Without seeing your site, it could be a temporary template. Go to wp-admin and click on Appearance -> Themes. The top of that screen will show the Current Theme. Below that are the themes available to you. Experiment with the themes to see if one of them is what your site usually looks like.

Or it could be that there’s a Maintenance Mode plugin installed. Look at wp-admin for Plugins to see if one’s installed. Or check the Settings section for a Maintenance Mode setting which shows up when there’s a maintenance mode plugin.