Site loading extremely slowly


my blog at has been loading extremely slowly for the past few days. That is, it isn’t actually building up slowly, but nothing happens at all for up to 30 seconds after you go there - then the whole thing builds up in 3 seconds. There have been a few spurts where it loads instantly, but for the most time it is unbearably slow.

There are a few php includes on that page and it runs via php-cgi. I’ve tried taking most of the includes out (except header and footer) and changed it to run on php_mod as well, but it didn’t improve anything. Any ideas? (the site is hosted on harpo, btw). Thanks!

i have also started noticing this recently, just started around sept. 6th…not sure why. my site should be faster because i deleted more than 50% of all files and scripts. odd…probably time to look for another host.

I doubt it’s just you. I got a one site that is just as zippy as usual but several others have an unusual delay before anything starts happening. As you say, I started noticing this last week. My only fast site is the only one that does not use a db, but the core pages of all the sites are on ‘fud’ although the dbs they connect to are distributed across several machines. Weird, but I’ll bet transient. DH are usually pretty good about sorting this stuff out.

I’m reasonably tolerant of occasional issues on what is after all fairly low-cost, high-featured hosting. To me the mark of a quality is how a host responds when they experience a problem. DH gets high marks from me for (a) acknowledging when they have a problem and (b) taking care of it. I ran for a while in parallel on two hosts and the other was perhaps more ‘solid’ than DH (in terms of uptime and consistent response time) but in the end, on balance, the ease-of-use, attitude, and variety of tools and support available at DH outweighed pure uptime. But I’m only doing non-profit stuff and don’t depend on this for my income (hah, it’s an income drain and time-sink :-). Worst case for me, six hundred angry club members un-elect me and I get my life back :slight_smile:

well i have been using dreamhost for over 3 years now and i am also non-profit. but when i have a website, less downtime is better, dreamhost has been satisfactory so far. i hope dreamhsot does get things fixed, they usually have good timing in response to such things. low cost? not anymore…i’ve been doing some shopping around. i think dreamhost is a more support host for beginners/intermediate than for service/pricing overall for advanced users.