Site Load Time?

Does anyone else have a hard time getting their sites to load up quickly?

Check out this site
It takes forever to load up.


Sometimes it depends on the content of your site. My sites load up great.

It does load pretty slowly, but before blaming the server I suggest checking the contents of that first page closely for clues as to what might be happening.

I didn’t “dig into it” thoroughly, but one thing that I feel is probably responsible is the use of the gallery2 component to dynamically load the fight thumbnail at the top of left column of the content section.

Gallery2 is notoriously slow on startup in the best of circumstances, and when you use it to generate the image at the beginning of the page load, you introduce a huge processing delay into the Joomla! initial page load (even though the resultant images is small!).

You might try commenting out that dynamically articulated image, or replacing it with a statically linked .png, .jpg, etc. just tpo see the effect - I’m betting the change will be dramatic. If it is, you might want to consider a different approach to that.