Site load issue

I’m having an issue where the server load is spiking high at times for no reason that I can figure out.

For example, in the image below, it’s at 17 and was rounding at 20 regularly, while before that it was spiking into the 40’s which is when I manually rebooted it.

But the memory isn’t a big issue as it’s not using a lot at the time relative to what’s there.

What am I missing?

The CPU is a shared resource if you’re on VPS.


You can follow the tips we previously emailed you in order to optimize your VPS (Subject: Attention Required: Your DreamHost VPS needs help!)! Also, you can start looking into this with If the abnormal behavior continues without any clues, please contact support directly via your panel with all the details you can provide and we’ll investigate, with some admin help if necessary. Thanks!

These are things that I’ve done before. Perhaps I’m just not smart enough. But I can’t figure out why the server hits a load of over 100 based on what I’m doing.

Is the site

I would turn on Google PageSpeed for starters. It works well with WP-Super-Cache, and you can use it to minify your pages without putting the load on WP. I wrote up some directions here:

I’d also get rid of wp-dbmanager, as most of us really don’t need it, even with large sites. You may want to run the P3 Profiler plugin - - to see if any other plugins are being hogs.