Site Linking?


I have an apache server running at home on IP XX:XX:XX:XX

I have a folder on there XX:XX:XX:XX/Myfolder

Is there any way to do something like and have it show the Html page linking from my person microserver?

I would want it so if, say I had another folder, it would show:

rather than divert to XX:XX:XX:XX/Myfolder/MyOtherFolder


The easier way is to add your home address as a subdomain… such as

To do that go to manage domains in the panel and find, click the DNS button right underneath. Add a custom DNS record for “home” (the first blank) which will make it… leave the Type dropdown on A… put your home IP address in Value. Remember DNS records can take time to propagate, when adding a new record it should be pretty quick.


I know about subdomains, I was just hoping to do it with an after path rather than a subdomain. Reason is the IP of the server will change (its a non-static) and I can eaily make a program that will FTP a file with the new IP.

I don’t know of any other way (without buying Dydns) that I can send my IP to the server to automatically update the subdomain.


You can use Dreamhost’s API to drop and add a new record.[hr]
See also the DNS section of