Site keeps getting down daily


It seems my hosted sites keep getting down for a period of time every day recently. I just set up my sites recently and there is almost no traffic at all. So it couldn’t be a load issue.

I attached a report from here. As you can see 2 of my 3 sites were down over an hour yesterday.

Is this expected or something you can fix?



p.s. I tried to send email to, but got rejected saying I am not a customer, don’t know why.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: HostTracker Reports
Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 4:45 AM
Subject: Daily report

This is a report on your sites’ uptime.

Daily report 2009-10-26
Total uptime:99.18% Downtime:2 hour(s) 34 min(s)
Daily uptime:88.78% Downtime:1 hour(s) 54 min(s)
Total uptime:99.29% Downtime:2 hour(s) 15 min(s)
Daily uptime:88.95% Downtime:1 hour(s) 52 min(s)
Total uptime:99.82% Downtime:34 min(s) 10 sec(s)
Daily uptime:100.00%


Load issues aren’t necessarily caused by you or your sites. As it’s a shared server, your lovely co-users often hose up a server. When you’re experiencing trouble, be sure to use the panel’s built in Contact Support section, as that logs a ticket in the help desk for the appropriate tech.