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Alright, this is ridiculous. I was testing promotion codes and I got the one I wanted. The thing is… while I tested promo codes… I put the domain wrong… Is there any way I can change the domain?


You mean to register a new domain? If so, then you’re out of luck once the order is submitted.

If it’s an existing domain that you already own, then it’s no problem to fix this later.

Oh, and posting the same problem twice is frowned upon. I just saw your followup post in the original thread.



Yes, I just got hosting with a domain, but I want to change the domain name… How can I do this?


Do you already own the domain you want to host? If so:

  1. At select Domains->Manage Domains
  2. Click on Add new Domain/Sub-Domain
  3. Enter required information in the Fully Hosted section.
  4. Go do where that domain is registered (GoDaddy, etc.) and update your nameservers to use
  5. Wait for a couple of days for information to propagate.

If you want to play around with your domain before it goes live, follow these instructions:



Actually what I want to do is change my domain. I don’t like the domain I have and I want to change the domain to another name… Can I do this? I got the domain with DreamHost when I signed up for a hosting account.


Here’s my reply for your toher thread (and thus the reason double posting isn’t nice)

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