Site is so slow! Yikes!

Hello Dreamhost! <3

First of all, thanks for all your hard work. I’ve always been really happy with your hosting and customer service!

Unfortunately, my Wordpress site has suddenly decided to run really, really slowly.

It does this occasionally, but it’s never been this bad. I have no idea why it’s happening. I’ve disabled lots of plugins, replaced some of the images on the home page with lower resolutions…

If anyone could tell me what’s wrong, I’d really appreciate it!

slow for me right now also…

If you haven’t already open a ticket with support and ask them to check the apache instance for your website.

More info:

LakeRat was right, it was the Apache instance that was stuck hanging. :confused:

Quick tip, so you don’t have to scramble to make adjustments to your WordPress site right away:

A good indication that it might be an issue with Apache is if you try to log in to phpMyAdmin and it’s really slow/hanging, that likely means that your Apache is having some trouble. Both services are run off the web server, so if both aren’t working well, it’s likely an issue with the server and not specifically your site. At that point, you can ask us to look into it (like you did, or submit a support ticket) so we can help alleviate the issue.

That said, your site is loading quickly now! If it happens again please let me know directly, or feel free to contact our support team via your panel. Thanks for all the kind words! :slight_smile:

Thank you so, so much! Really appreciate the help. Everything is back to normal now. :slight_smile:

and I’m very happy to learn this part…

Apologies for not having mentioned that sooner! :stuck_out_tongue: