Site is extremely slow for Perl scripts

After my server has been moved to the new location/hardware it is extremely slow with Perl scripts. My entire server is depends on a few Perl scripts. They are small and quite fast. They do not use any database. But for the last two weeks the performance is seriously degraded. It takes ages for the scripts to get back with a page. All static HTML pages are fine and appears quite fast, but not my Perl scripts. And that doesn’t matter what Internet service provider I’m using. I’ve got the same issue from multiple ISP’s in my city. Even a simple script which just prints “TEST” on the screen requires 30 - 40 SECONDS to finish running.

And the script contains only the following code:

print “Content-type: text/html”, “\n\n”;
print <<END1;




And that requires 30-40 seconds to run!!!

Any idea how that can be fixed?

It may be something else regarding the server move on our end.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any real way to check since I am unable to pull up your account.
If you haven’t done so already, I recommend submitting a support ticket to our Technical Support team so that we can look into it.
You can submit a ticket here:
Let me know if you have any other questions.

[quote=“DH_Justin, post:2, topic:58799”]If you haven’t done so already, I recommend submitting a support ticket to our Technical Support team so that we can look into it.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I already logged a ticked #5484927, but now it disappeared from my panel. Cannot find it anywhere.

Trey K sent a response to your tech support ticket about six hours ago. Everything appeared (and continues to appear) to be working normally now.

Yeap. Trey sent a response about 1.5 days after the incident. Originally the scripts were slow and I logged a ticket, then the site was down and I had to log another ticket, then everything became fine including the scripts. And only after that after 1.5 days Trey responded. However right now the Perl scripts are slow again! I logged a new ticket #5491379. Even a simple script requires 30-40 seconds before it starts. If you guys restarted the server to fix that issue then you need to do that again. However this not a real solution as the site is slow again. And truly speaking before the migration the site was running perfectly!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m having the same problem with PHP scripts on the Dillion server. 30+ seconds to load a simple <?php echo 'hello'; ?> script. After the DreamHost team restarts the Apache service everything loads quickly again, but the problems keeps coming back.

I started another thread to give this a more general description, but it appears to be the exact same issue.

You can request to be (re)moved to another server.

My server is Giles and I’ve got exactly that same issue. I haven’t checked my PHP scripts, but static HTML pages were fine. So the issue probably with Apache modules or Apache interaction with other apps like Perl.

Unfortunately because DreamHost Support response sooooo sloooooow they never saw that issue on my site. By the time they respond the sire runs normal and the only thing they can say is “we do not see any issues”.

Well… yes… but that doesn’t resolve the issue in general. Moving my site to another server doesn’t resolve two issues: 1) slow response from DH and 2) the issue with the hosting server and because they haven’t fixed it then it could happen again on another server.
Right now I’m seriously thinking about moving off the DreamHost. It’s easy nowadays. If that issue happens again they will lose another
customer and I’ll get a refund.

igenkin, I will be interested to see how you make out. I am all about owning my own problems, but I am just not seeing this. I am even almost to the point of hiring a professional to sort out the performance issue to identify what I believe to be a persistent Dreamhost issue. I have managed accounts with many other hosting providers, and Dreamhost simply has the absolutely best cPanel and account configuration capabilities for managing multiple domains under multiple users. But the performance issue I am experiencing I have never ever had…ever. I too am looking at other hostings options, but I loathe the thought of moving for more reasons than I can count. I would really like to make Dreamhost a permanent home, but after the repeated slowdowns and no end in sight, I am having my doubts that this is going to work for me.

Hmm, interesting. Please keep us posted when this is resolved. Probably it is a hardware issue. Let’s see what DH can do.