Site is Down - no reply from support

Hi, I received an email to say that one of my sites had been compromised. The user associated with that site was also associated with others. The email also said that it terminated the remote process for the user, which took all my sites offline.

I have followed the suggestions from the email and actually removed the inflicted site, I changed passwords, ensured extra web security etc… but all sites are still down. I have contacted support five hours ago but I am not getting any reply from them. I am unable to request a call back as it is only available in U.S. and Canada. I am unable to find a phone number for customer support. This is disgraceful!!

I have been hosting with Dreamhost for almost 20 years now, I expect better customer service than this.

Ticket ID: #8678923

I do not have access to the callbacks otherwise I would have paid for the extra service as my site has been down for too long now. 24 hour guarantee is to slow for site down issues, I can see how that would work other regular issues but not site down.
Also, that link that you provided only provides a ticketing system, it does not have Live Chat. Maybe these services are provided inside U.S. only. I’m based in Ireland.

Hello vintrix,

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing!

Callbacks are offered as a premium service, We do not offer a call-in number since we do not have a call center. We strive to answer all support tickets within our 24 hour guarantee. If you can supply us with a ticket# or domain name on the account we can look into the status. You can also reach our Live Chat team 5am til 10pm PDT daily in the panel for help here

Matt C