Site is Down. How to get it back?

I’ve submitted a ticket, but a quick perusal of this forum suggests that it gets faster results. This is the first time I’ve needed support. As usual these days, the wiki specifically doesn’t answer my questions…

The domain registration expired on January 28th. The listed e-mail address was no longer active, so we saw no warning messages. Our fault, no question.

Logged into the web panel. Went to "Domains | Registrations"
Clicked the “Renew” button; choosing the default "1 year $0.00"
Clicked OK on the pop-up.
Read "Great! Your account is all paid up, so you can now renew!"
Clicked the “Renew” now!" button
Website kicks me back to the initial “Domains | Registrations” page.

Hate to gripe, but this is seriously bad.
Yes, the hosting is paid up and up to date, and “Domains | Registrations” page says “You currently have one free domain registration as long as you have an active web hosting plan.”

I’ve gone through this cycle three times, with no result.

Now a quick question that I think MIGHT solve this:
On the “Domains | Manage Domains” page, on the line for this registration, there’s a button that reads “Restore” but there’s nothing to tell me what that does. The wiki doesn’t mention it either. Is this possibly how I get it back on-line??

Oh yeah: Chrome on Mint Linux; current versions of both.

So is the registrations page showing an extension to the expiration date?

One of the issues that going to be in play here is DNS… and DNS can take 12-24 hours to propagate.

That Restore button is for the backups DH does of your site. In other words to bring your data back if you lost it somehow. It’s not related to the registration or DNS.
I know it’s unrelated to your question at this point but here’s the wiki stub on that Restore button:


It sends you an email telling you it didn’t do anything.

Nope. seems like the Renew function is doing nothing.

Just FYI, I’m looking into it for you right now. We’re not quite sure why the Renew function isn’t working for you, so I’m taking your ticket to a support lead and we’re going to dig a little deeper. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info for you! Please standby.

Appalbarry, just wanted to follow up and let you know I’ve just emailed you! Your renewal for has now gone through, and the site is loading as well. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reply to my email. Thanks so much for your patience!

Thanks Ellice. Speedy service is appreciated. I’m posting your e-mail reply below so that everyone is up to speed.

BarryOn Sat, 02 Feb 2013, you wrote:

Is see that the domain me didn’t auto-renew on the 28th. e-mail address had
changed, so I suppose notices went undelivered.

Anyhow, just manually renewed via the web panel, but it still seems to not be

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for writing in to DreamHost support! I apologize for all the
frustration and confusion this may have caused you. It appears that your
renewal did finally go through, as you can see in your web panel here:

Unfortunately, we do not know the reason why your auto-renewal failed, or
why your manual renew was not working earlier – and to be honest, we’re
a bit dumbfounded by it. As a result, I’m going to bring this up to our
developers to further investigate the cause of this, so as to prevent
this from happening again. If you have any additional questions or
concerns regarding your account, please feel free to write back and let
us know. We’ll be happy to help!

Warm Regards,

Ellice S

Manual renewal worked for me yesterday without a hitch (using Opera). Got a confirmation via email within minutes too which was awesome.

You’re welcome, Victoria! :slight_smile:

What’s strange is that I still don’t see the email confirmation of renewal for, though we know for a fact it’s renewed. Definitely going to investigate this further with our team.

Good point. I’ve never considered DH to be part of my backup strategy. Nothing against them, it just wouldn’t make sense. This pretty well sums up my thoughts on backups:

In short, a primary and two backups. Two backups in the same building counts as one backup. I should be posting this in the other thread…