Site is becoming slow

We have a website with a forum for the last 8 years. We have a constant flow of 20 tot 30 active users, two to five posts a day, and about one hunderd visitors a day. So it’s a small forum and it has been like that for years. Not much activity. Our website is the same as 2 years ago when we stopped working on it, only now with a few more posts. We like it the way it is.

In november 2014 we were migrated to an Ubuntu Server. Before that we experienced a lot of site problems like HTTP Error 500 Internal server errors and long loading times. After the migration the site went stable and fast. No problems anymore.

Since july/august the problems came back and it went worse. It’s almost like the time before the migration in 2014. Now with loading times up to 20 seconds.

Can someone tell me why this happens? Does Dreamhost have this problems with Shared Servers? Should we move to another hosting?

Dreamhost problem? Maybe, maybe not.

Sites do require maintenance, and that is the customers job. Like a car, you have to regularly check the gas and add to it, less regularly you have to check other things and maybe add some of this or that, or replace a piece or two, or upgrade the tires…etc.

Well you say, “but we haven’t done anything to our site, this just happened”, well that may be true, but the software that runs the server has evolved. Likely there’s been updated to the software you are using as well. or maybe something even more evil, like hackers are attempting to find exploits and your domain has become a target. (if you watch the http and error log you will be amazed how often these attempts occur.)

or maybe it could be an issue with a neighbor on the shared host or shared IP or some other dreamhost problem.

Your question is essentially is this a dreamhost thing? but with the info you provided there is no way to tell. As far as comparing to others on shared hosting to see if its a common issue, that would be very doubtful, there are 100’s of shared servers at dreamhost and each of those has many many sites.

Can you improve your site by upgrading hosting? Sure, most likely… but like I started out, there is no free lunch… whatever hosting your on, you’ll have to dig in and figure out what’s up when a problem pops up, and that will happen no matter what hosting you have.

We figured out it has something to do with the Dreamhost MySQL Server. The same problem as discussed here