Site Indexing, Ping Attacks

Site Indexing?

I am wondering about site indexing, my partners on the site I own are wondering why Google isn’t catching up with us and our site. He suggested meta tags and site indexing, which I do think is really not useful. But I am going to ask here anyway.

What is Site Indexing?
How do I go about doing it?
What are the benefits of it?
Will it be worth it in a yr?

Ping Attacks?

I am wondering about ping attacks to a host. I know there are about 20 other sites on the server my site is on, I am wondering if I get taken out will the other sites get taken out, or visa versa.

If so, is there a way to prevent this from happening? Cause I think it would really suck to wake up one day and realize I been pelted with pings all night.

Anyway thanks for answers… I did have one about databases but I figured that one out all on my own… haha…

BTW Happy Halloween.

Google doesn’t really care about meta tags; if you want to learn how Google works in terms of its indexing, take a look here. To summarize, you can submit your site to be indexed, but what really matters is that there are other sites linking to yours, and that you have content.

In terms of ping attacks, you’re using shared hosting, so yes, if the server goes down, then all the sites hosted on it will as well (that’s true of any shared host). I’m sure DreamHost uses firewalls to help protect its servers from DoS attacks, but I have no idea on exactly what the specifications are. To summarize again, there isn’t much you can do except to keep any software you install on the server up-to-date and check if you think there’s a server outage. (And/or check support.)
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