Site Incredibly Slow for Last 2 Days and No Response

My site has been incredibly slow over the last 2-3 days, taking around 60 seconds per page to load. I’ve got plenty of angry customers now and I’ve submitted numerous help tickets to Dreamhost with no response. I have a wordpress installation on my main domain that actually runs okay (only ~5 seconds per page load), but that’s mostly static pages. My forum is on a subdomain using phpBB and that’s the one that’s literally taking minutes per page. Half the time it just times out.

Being that I’m not getting any support from Dreamhost, do you guys have any advice or suggestions about what this might be? What woud impact phpBB and not wordpress? Is this a widespread problem or just my site?

Thanks in advance.

crackjack, check out this thread, which features a lively exchange of many of us fellow Dreamhost users reporting similar debilitating problems these past two days and a similar lack of responsiveness from the support staff.

I think it’s systemic.