Site in Dreamhost and mail in Exchange server

Hi people. Need some desperate help. A Client asked for a website and hosting solution and everything was fine. Proposal accepted. Now he tells me that all his e-mail and calendar solutions are supported on a in house Exchange server and that it is essential to maintain it that way.

This is the situation: Client already has a website in hosted in some other host provider. I’ll need to point the DNS servers from the old machines to the Dreamhost ones right? But the e-mail must stay linked to the existing Exchange server that works in house. How can I do this?

Please guys, help me on this one and you’ll get a little place in my heart for all eternity.

Pedro Rebelo

Guys please. Must be someone around here that uses dreamhost for hosting a site and a in-house Exchange Server for managing e-mail.

I’ve searched a little bit around and I found some info on creating a custom DNS in dreamhost as an MX Record with priority 0 and with the static IP of the Exchange server as value. Will it work?

Sorry for bumping up the subject but hey, I’m really in need here.

Thank you very much.

If you already have DNS set up just fine, then you can edit your DNS so that the A records for and are the same as what the Panel here tells you (via Edit DNS) for your domain.

The catch is that the IP address may change from time to time, but you can pay an extra $4 a month for a fairly static IP address that will at worst, rarely change.


Hi Scott and thanks for your reply. Even so, I didn’t get it.
Let me explain it all:

The Client actually has a site hosted in another hosting company and a in-house Exchange Server. The domain is registered through an official register (as required for .pt domains) and the dns are pointed to the actual hosting company. So, I also assume that they’re re-routing the e-mail from the hosting company to the Exchange Server.

Now, they want me to create a new website hosted here, in dreamhost. I’ll contact the official register for .pt domains and ask for the change in dns records so that the url point to my dreamhost installation. But if I only do that, the e-mail sent to will be lost right? So, imho, what I do need to do is, create a custom dns (MX record) here in dreamhost under the domain where the value will be the IP from the actual Exchange server so that the e-mail sent to will then be re-routed from dreamhost to the Exchange Server. Is this right? If it is, I still have a problem. I don’t know how to do it.

You say that the DNS points to the actual hosting company. Then all of your DNS records are at the hosting company. Get a screenshot, or some other listing of all of your DNS records. DreamHost will become your “actual hosting company.” Your new DNS records here will look like they did at the old place, except for the MX records, and A records for, and perhaps another mail record or two.

If you already have a hosting plan here, add that .pt domain as a Fully Hosted Domain so you can start working your DNS records. Once that’s all working, then you can have the Registrar point DNS to DreamHost.