Site hosted on Sake down again, and all it’s subdomains have been down for over an hour. I have FTP access and access to the control panel, but the sites just don’t show up on the web.

Anyone else on Sake having the same problem?


They just posted this announcement, which explains it:

Your server, Sake, crashed a little bit ago and didn’t come back up after
powercycling it. We’re now swapping in new hardware for it and expect
everything to be back up and running within the next 15 minutes. FTP,
web, and shell services are affected. Mail is not.

Happy DreamHost Weekend Fixer-Upper Team!

Sounds like they are on top of it, but I definitely don’t need another outage after the fun March we had.


36 mins 51 secs after the announcement that the server should be back up in 15 minutes… and its still down.

Wish they would give a new, accurate estimate.


I’m beginning to feel like I’m talking to myself… But now it’s getting frustrating.

Got this timely response from DH support:

Your webserver needed to be rebooted, but it’s back up now. Sorry about
the inconvenience and let us know if you need anything else.


Of course, the server is still down and the domains are inaccessible. Then why does DH support send a note saying everything is fine?

Its aggravating – is customer support communicating with IT at all?


Ok the site is now back up, but Solid Components are down. Which means in essence all pages that have a poll (such as my homepage), don’t load anyway.

Hope you all enjoyed Devol’s server outage Blog.:wink:


[quote]Hope you all enjoyed Devol’s server outage Blog.:wink:


I know it’s frustrating, and the weekend is usually a bad time for support. But if yours is a business website, it’s always better than all these happening on a Monday morning. :slight_smile: