Site hacked

I have a site that has been hacked, via coppermine, at least that is where I see hacking code. I have reported it through the support pages, but they have not replied in 4 hours. I can delete the obvious stuff but I don’t know enough about such hacks to know what else they might have left somewhere obscure.

How do I get DH sysadmins to pay some quick attention?

I assume you’ve changed your passwords already.

I also assume you sent it your message to support with OMG priority.

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You could try looking at the backups on your account, if they show no signs of hacking then you could consider using them.

In general you should change your ftp password, coppermine admin password etc.

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More codes

Are you using the most up-to-date versions of the scripts on your site? Note that if you just install them and call the site done, that will happen over and over again.

Keeping them up-to-date is very important–and is the customer’s responsibility, since it’s not something DH does.

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