Site hacked and no Answer in 12 Hours

it´s incredible , the support of dreamhost , my site hacked yesterday and i work all night for upload my site , i have several backups inyo my computer and i can resolve this

The most incredible it´s nothing answer me in 12 hours about this problem , mysite hacked for hole security in the servers of dreamhost , all show deleted in one minute and show me in my server 2 files for hacked all my site , this files never exists in my server and my system it´s no open source i make my own cms and no install nothing , all deleted my site nothing help me and nothing security

12 Emails for suppor i wait and go on without answer incredible

I’d bet my left eyeball that the hack was due to your own site and not the server. I have never heard of an exploited security hole on a server here.

And stop submitting multiple support tickets. That just slows down the support queue for everybody, including yourself. They’ll get back to you within 24 hours, but I’m not sure what you expect of them.

Here’s a wiki article that should get you started:

And don’t forget to look through the HTTP logs for anything going on at the time of the hack.