Site frequently down - is this normal?


I’ve noticed that the server my site is on is frequently rebooted or crashes.

The Jabber server is unstable and tends to go offline a lot and sometimes I have to recreate my Jabber accounts entirely to get the transports to work.

My site has been migrated from Coke to Tea but still I have to write in at least once a week and sometimes every other day because my domain is offline.

Is this normal or can I expect it to stop happening?

All of the drink servers are having issues lately, read the updates.

[quote]I’m sorry about the problems you were having with our services.
Unfortunately, it looks like another user was causing high load problems
on your shared server that it was causing everyone else’s site to load
slow or be completely down. We went ahead and corrected this issue with
the user and have gotten the load to go back down. Your site is now
loading beautifully on my end now!


Hmm, don’t remember seeing anything about that in the updates.

Must have missed that update somehow.

Unfortunately, this is one of the disadvantages of shared hosting.

Dreamhost gives its customers much more access to the server than most hosts, unfortunately this does mean that some customers will attempt to run things that just aren’t suitable for a shared hosting environment, resulting in high load on the server and grief for others on the server.


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And if you keep reporting problems, just like you should, it will get solved in time.

There have been some recurring network issues they they they’ve got under control as of today.

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I assume by “updates” you are talking about

It would not be appropriate for such a thing to be posted there, as it is for general and widespread issues affecting large groups of users…you server just needed to be tweaked, and generally speaking, that doesn’t warrant a general “status” post. :wink: