Site down


This has been a reoccurring issue this past 2 weeks. Between when my sql needs to be restarted or the apache server needs to be restarted. now the problems just get even worse. i recently upgraded to a vps and still had the same problems. they blame the files on the server. So i went through the email they sent and removed 90% of the files i could, most gave me permission denied. NOW my server is completely unresponsive. Unable to connect via ftp. After being with dreamhost for 7 years this has become completely retarded. the customer support area is not responding to me in anyway. I would just like to make database backups so i can just move on to a new host. BUT EVERYTHING IS BROKE. it has been 4 hours since i moved back to my shared hosting, and everything is still showing as being on the vps. this is all scattered and random. sorry for that.


What site is this?