Site Down?

I have no idea about programming or websites. This has been a learn as you go process which has worked fine until now. Site was up when I got up this morning. Site was not working when I got out of the shower. There were no posts or changes set to be made during that time. I can’t get on my WP Admin page or my site itself.

Using WP and Dreamhost.

Where do I start?

Site is

Yeah everything’s down for me too, but this showed up on the panel:

[quote]Critical Announcement! Please Read!
We are experiencing a network issue at the moment, and our network engineers are already on the job and working on the problem. This may cause some slowness or site downtime until it is complete, but we are working on this issue with the highest priority to get your sites working again. We will keep the status site updated when we have more info:
You can keep updated at! (posted 3 mins 43 secs ago)[/quote]

everything was down this morning… and now everything is running slowly:

Thanks! I found that shortly after posting. Glad it wasn’t something I did :slight_smile: