Site down


My website is down

It’s been down for an hour…then came up for 15 minutes and now it’s still down…

Someone of you have the same problem…?

What’s happen?

Thanks a lot


Now it’s up…

But it’s impossible…every 15 minutes it go down…


Still down…


File a ticket?
Cause spamming here about it isn’t going to do you any good at all…


Down for me too… ops… slow down…
Last time I have this problem, support response was:
"It appears as if your sites are loading at a quick pace at this time. I have taken down the relevant info in regards to your web server, file server, mysql server and am passing them on to our admins to analyze as they work on our systems network topography in an effort to provide as little slowdown as possible for the long term in our shared hosting environment. The slowdown that you are seeing appears to be related to IO requests getting backed up due to networking issues between your HTTP server and the File server . When these networking errors occur the IO requests get added onto the system load, making it sky high and the
system unstable/slow temporarily. We appreciate your patience as we work to get rid of every network bottleneck in our hosting environment."
Not good response to me…
Sorry for bad english


Ah, another NFS problem!

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