Site down


Hello, I am from

Our site is down, and our owner is not avaliable [he’s been gone alot lately]

We were wondering if our payment wasn’t made or… maintnence? Or just a box restart?


It loaded for me ^.^; so maybe it was a momentary problem. Also, support hardly ever reads the forums. You might try sending them an e-mail (but they’ve been known to take a while on replies). By the time they replied whatever was wrong would have probably been corrected…

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[quote]WHOIS results for

Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK [the normal status for a domain when it is locked]
Dates: Created 25-feb-2003 [color=#CC0000]Updated 22-feb-2006 Expires 25-feb-2007[/color]
It’s not expired

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It’s up for me…maybe a boxs restart, or a “burp”, or some other temporary “borkedness”. At any rate, it looks good now.


:frowning: It’s down again… this time

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


No problem here. I’m sure you just hate to hear that.

For kicks, you can try going to and plugging in the URL just to see if W3 can reach the site. Since it can show you the source code, that’ll let you know how things look.



ah… like he said…it can’t be fun to hear that I can access it fine. Good idea though about the validator!


It looks to me like you’ve blocked yourself from accessing your own site using htaccess. Are you sure you wasn’t experimenting with that?

A 403 error (Forbidden ) its not that same as being down…

Save $96 dollars when you sign up! -> 96DISCOUNT :wink:


now, my website get this problem,
I can’t do anything!
somebody change the main site folder attributes to 700, and I can’t change it by ftp,
I’m waiting for tech support reply…


My website back! but tech support told me that they have to shutdown my site because I have too many hits!
I only about 8 G BW and 1300 cpu/s per day,
what should I do to solve this problem.
is there anyone that have same promblem?


Porn has that effect on a server. I hope you’re making enough money from it to pay for a dedicated server.
They start at $99/mo here:

Can’t seem to get a link to show up right.