Site down

My website and MySQL databases (hosted on gage) seem to be totally down right now. I was able to connect to my website and get a load of database connection errors, but it wouldn’t reload.

Is anyone else suffering websites or MySQL failures right now? There is no status message about it

my mysql server is on juno and seems to have gone down. my site is fine, just the database is down right now. anyone on Juno able to see their database?

and…its back up.

my mysql is hosted on Juno and I am getting the same issues you are. Cortez also seems to be having issues due to high load.

back up:
[cortes]$ uptime
23:54:10 up 6 min, 3 users, load average: 0.87, 0.63, 0.28

This is ridiculous. The sites and servers are continously going down. I am not a happy camper at all, and if these problems don’t go away soon I’m out of here. There are many other comparable hosts that don’t have this many problems.

On many nights I have noticed that almost exactly midnight (PT) I cannot access http or ftp for any domains in my account (on dawber server). At first I thought it might be a backup routine temporarily disabling services while it did it’s thing, but it’s been down for over 40 minutes now…

Sometimes it seemed to go down and come right back up, other times it takes forever. Dunno what’s up. Maybe the server gets overloaded…but for 40 minutes?

Now it’s up, no problems. Very wierd.

Is the panel down or something?

It works fine for me. Sometimes it will time out and you will just have to connection again.

I dont know, I signed up with dreamhost on july 7th and got my domain name, paid my 69 dollars and havent been able to do anything with it yet!! I get errors from hell etc etc etc… this is ridiculous… im going to pay 19.95 a month?? and I havent even been able to access my folders yet!!! Please help, should I ask for my money back??

My site’s been down for about 30 minutes this morning. Keep getting the error: The connection was refused when attempting to contact

It’s a bit frustrating. I want to go to bed, but I’d hate to sleep all day and then wake up to find my site’s been down all day. Hrm.

Once every couple of weeks, it seems, it goes down for a couple of hours here or there.