Site down

Hi, I sent in a support request this morning…but maybe there is something I can do to get my site back up.

Only one of my sites is down. Which I find strange. I can use my site’s IP addy to view my site…but when I go to www.mysite’ it goes to godaddy’s website and says the site is parked. Godaddy says the name servers are set to dreamhost, but also set to their parked area in case dreamhost’s servers are down. I removed the parked areas, but that won’t change for a while.

My mail wasn’t working this morning…but is now…but I still can’t view the site using the www

When I go to the DNS area of the control panel, it says Type A is set to main ip (set by domain record), all of the rest of my sites are set to Type A mail ip (from http service)

Is my problem due to the comment “set by domain record”?

I obviously don’t want to go change things that I shouldn’t be changing…but I would like to get my site back up.