Site down

I am a knee-o-pfyte at hosting. Have been with DH for a short 1.5 months. My site, has been down for 1.5 days. I can access the files via ftp but get “parent directory” in the browser (as does everyone else in the world). No response from DH so far.

Would this traceroute/ping procedure help? How is it done? Any help/advise appreciated. I have new clients waiting to view their new site designs in a temp directory on my site. This isn’t good for biz.

I may just start a parking lot striping business. You know-- “stay between the lines”.

I can see your index file, although those graphic files referred to are not found in the /image sub-directory. You might also want to avoid letting anyone accessing the directory listing at (by simply adding an “index.html” over there).

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