Site Down - Now what

Three of the four websites on my account are down. I tried using the system wide status form, but the status remained unverified for 30 minutes. Then the system said the issue was resolved. Only problem is that my sites are still down. I dropped support an urgent email, but have not heard anything yet. Is there anything else that can be done? I haven’t changed these sites in weeks. So I don’t think I am causing the problem

Given your description of the problem, I’m not sure there is much you can do other than to wait for a reply from support.

You did not say how your browser demonstrates that the sites are down: Do they time out? Do you receive any kind of an error message?

In some instances, sites can be “fixed” using the Control Panel Domains–>Manage Domains screen and clicking “Edit” to the right of the domain, then “saving” without actually making changes will cause a reconfiguration of the domain and solve the problem. This is particularly true if you are receiving an http_config error.

It is also possible that your sites are impacted by the earlier file server problem reported on; since you have contacted support there is nothing ore you can do if that is the case. Good Luck!