Site down, no response from technical support


I have been down for two days now with some kind of problem with the server I am on castor. My websites are inaccessible and I have submitted two tickets to support with no response. Also there has been no button at the top for live help. Has anyone else experience this kind of disregard from support latley and or problems with there server?


Two days? Nope, never anything like that.


What’s your domain?


Its intermittentLy down and when I log onto the server via ssh and ftp requests are taking forever… still no response from support :frowning:


The website itself is loading reasonably quickly for me (non cached pages < 2 seconds). Browsing from Australia.


Timed out for me in the same area an hour or two ago. Pinging is fine though, so the server is up. Perhaps it’s a problem with your web app or apache?


It wouldn’t load for me the first time I tried and errored with a timeout, later it popped right up…


I’d login to shell and call on top to check if anything is thrashing the guts out of it.