Site down - no response from support


My site goes down for a few minutes every now and then. This causes the FTP connection to fail if I am uploading files to the server.
I’ve posted questions to support through my dreamhost panel, but have never received a response.

How can I ensure that this never happens again?
Is it typical of Dreamhost Support to not respond to questions on the panel?


Without something useful like a traceroute when there’s a problem, there’s not much anyone here can tell you.

The problem could be on your end, Dreamhost’s end, or anywhere between.

That one’s easy. Just make sure you never connect to the internet again. If you must, then expect the occasional problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

When did you submit your ticket? If it was 5 minutes ago, no big deal. If it was last year, then they’re taking too long to reply.

They generally get back to you within 24 hours. I’d say if you’re being this vague in your support requests, it won’t help speed things up… and will probably just lead to a follow up requesting more info.

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Yeah, I should have done a traceroute earlier, not that I understand how to read it!

I’m on the internet 9-6 running my design business so it gets really annoying with the FTP connection drops in the middle of an upload. I’m still able to surf other sites, so I know its not my internet. My colleague on the other side of town also couldn’t access the site.

I also haven’t received any responses from support for a week. That’s too long!


It’s not that simple, since the internet isn’t just one long piece of wire. That’s where a traceroute can help narrow it down more.

When a site’s unreachable to one person, it might not be to someone at a different location.

If it’s been a week without a reply, I’d try again and include as much info as possible.

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Yes, that is way too long, and makes me suspect that you might not be getting support response emails.

Have you checked your support history in the web panel (Support - Support History)? A copy of everything DH has sent you is archived there, so yo might want to check to see if there are responses there you didn’t receive.