Site down, no response from support for almost 5 days


Please, someone get back to me! It’s been almost 5 days since I asked my question and I cannot put up so much as a “website down” message on the domain without your action!


Support generally doesn’t monitor the forum. Have you opened a ticket? Has your domain expired? is your account paid up to date? Did you make any changes?

Most answering here are customers like yourself, if you give us your domain name and tell us more about the issue we might be able to help.


Thanks for the offer of help, LakeRat. I’m a pretty advanced user and have 4 tickets open, pay for callback support (with a callback request), the whole nine yards. I need a dreamhost employee to enable something that only a dreamhost employee can, but they have been radio silent save a live chat person that could only say they will try to get someone on the team to respond. I was hoping someone might notice, this is not a small website!
Also, I should clarify – one of the tickets is the call for help (the 5 day old one), the rest are ‘please help me with that first ticket!’ requests. I only go to support as a last resort and have been a customer support rep that replies to tickets just like these.


What is your site?