Site down intermittently - how often does this happen?

I am on the trial plan. In fact, I was planning just to migrate.

Then this morning, while I am working on one of my sites I start having problems bringing it up. It won’t load at all. I check my connection - other sites are loading fast. None of my sites on DH load.

Five minutes later they’re loading again fine. I go back to work.

A bit later they stop loading again. I checked the DH blog to see if there is scheduled downtime. None.

How often does this kind of thing happen?

I couldn’t even get onto this board just now, so there might be some network issues going on. My server seems to be okay tho :smiley:

Questions like this will always be met with responses that are more likely to be a reflection of how a particular user’s website is performing presently rather than a reflection on the overall experience. In a nutshell what you’re describing happens everywhere, more often at some hosts than others. DreamHost is one where it doesn’t happen too often across the board. If it did there’d be a thousand posts a week here about “LOOSING THOUSANDSSSS” with threats of lawsuits and class actions and what have you.

While you’re noticing poor performance, try logging in to shell and type ‘uptime’ just to see if the server is suffering from high load. If it’s consistently high for an extended period of time then bring on the ALLCAPS or consider requesting to be moved to an alternate server. I did this recently:

If the server doesn’t appear to be under any undue load (I’d class anything under 80 as quite reasonable on shared - that’d be a load of 10 in the old money) then it might be that Apache is struggling with excess traffic on your site or other user’s sites that are running on the same instance. In this case it’s difficult to tell from a user’s perspective, but if you inform Support they will (hopefully) be aware that a quick Apache restart might solve things super quick. Actually if you’re 100% certain your code is up to par it would pay to suggest to them directly via a ticket to perform a restart of your Apache instance just to check. If that fixes it but then it goes to shit again soon afterwards then definitely request a server move.

Just to be clear, there is no separate trial plan. The service and support you get during your two-week free trial is exactly the same as you’ll get once you make your first payment.

I am very glad this happened. It gave me a chance to see how DH handles issues. I’d much rather find out now while I can cancel at no cost than later after I’ve moved all my domain names and such.

I sent an email to support, got a email back in less than half an hour, and they acknowledged that they are having problems with the server my sites are on and told me what they are doing to fix it.

Later I received another email saying that they had drilled down and discovered to root issue causing the problem, told me in general terms what it was, and informed me that it had been corrected and my server should be stable again.

Later I discovered the @dreamhostcare Twitter feed. I saw their responses on this issue to others.

Wow! What a refreshing day and night change from old hosting provider, who I am in the process of moving to Dreamhost from. I have been reporting the same issue for months now (also intermittent) and they refuse to acknowledge the problem, and send me a copy and paste days later saying they checked the server load and it looks fine at the moment.

Anyway, I am very pleased.

It’s super sweet when the person that picks up your ticket has experience with (or has been informed about) the issue you’re facing at the time. Doesn’t happen 100% in every case, but it’s far more common to get really good support than not.

As with everywhere, that can happen here, too :wink:

If you happen to stumble across a generic reply and you’re absolutely sure the issue is something to do with their end, reply to the ticket with technical info about the problem and ask for a second opinion. The Support team have immediate access to staff who have worked with the DH systems for years, including techies and coders, so even the newest Support member has some truly hardcore experience at their disposal. If your initial ticket is concise, but technical, chances are higher that more experienced people will be queried at the outset, garnering faster results.

The problem is that it has been happening way too often lately and the responses get very slow at times.

Numbers? Names? Dates? Details? Specifics?

Um, like now. My server’s been offline for several hours now. You can see what I’ve experienced over the past year here.

Only one month with 99.99% uptime in the past year.

Eric I would think long and hard before you migrate. My sites are down almost daily, it always seems to be a MYSQL connection error. Sure these things might happen now and again, it is to be expected and if things were fixed in a few minutes it wouldn’t be such a big deal. In my experience sites are down for any length of time from 45 minutes to a few hours.

I don’t know what has happened to Dreamhost, when I joined around3 years ago the service was faultless, my sites just didn’t go down, support was available via a live chat and I used to recommend Dreamhost to everyone I spoke to. Now I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to DH the service and support is that bad. Just recently I had a real moan to support and they kindly gave me live chat at no extra cost (this used to be included, why is it not included… go figure!). However whenever the sites are down I go to use the live support and it’s off line to the gesture is pretty much useless!

If my sites were not so big and migration wasn’t going to be such a pain in the butt I would have gone long ago, like I said it is sad because it was an awesome host once upon a time. Interesting to note that you get responses within 30 mins, well you are on a trial period right and they want to impress. I now have to wait 24 hours for a response, often 48 hours.

Having said all this a friend of mine is also with DH and his sites go down, he is on an older server in a different data center.

Just my input.

By the way, why am I here and responding to your post… becasue right now my sites are down… AGAIN!

I’d agree that service on nearly all fronts appears to have suffered over the past couple of years.