Site Down in some places

I tried to redirect and now the site is available in Indiana, but not in New Jersey.

I’ve contacted support and told them I would pay $$$ for a call, but nothing.

I don’t understand why I can add a redirect without having the whole site down.

Second, not sure why it would work in IN and not in NJ.

Wait, what about everywhere else?

Maybe because it sounds like if you un-did your redirect the site would “work” again. I’m just sayin’.

What exactly did you do to add a redirect?

You’re guess is a good as mine. If you’re asking for help, you’ll need to explain how you added the redirect, what exactly you want to do, and the domain name/URLs of your site. The devil is in the details. Or you can skip the diagnostics and start over and this time avoid adding “banned from NJ” redirects.

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