Site Down...I screwed up

TKT ##5580610

I set up a mirrored site incorrectly (I was just experimenting) and it did what it was suppose to do (mirrored another site) Then I went back to the domain manager and there was a link to undo the mirror that I had wrongly set up. I clicked that and that took my domain out of the system. I very quickly went back and added it and now I am just seeing the error message (not my site) I totally did this myself by accident. How can I get back to where I was before I decided to “experiment”

Bob Hansen (moron)

Looks like you have a bad_httpd_conf error, which means (yay) nothing’s lost! It’s just really, really annoying.

We have some debugging tricks here:

If you check your domain at though you’ll see your domain has two IPs, which isn’t right. I would try saving the server config, and then refreshing DNS, to force things to catch up again.

I see the 2 Ip’s and I have no clue how that happened I did refresh the DNS and the site is back. I created this fiasco by trying things that I don’t really understand… I don’t think I am ever going to learn not to do that.