Site down - How much time I must wait?

My site is down and I am waiting already one hour for the answer from support. Last week I had problems with another site and I waited almost 2 days!!! Is it normal?

It’s Sunday, so an answer may take a bit longer than usual. Also, it would be more helpful if you could post your site URL so that others could check for you.

Simon Jessey
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Thank you for the reply. My site: (server - pound)

Looks like there are some datsbase (MySQL) and cookie problems.

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From the error message, your database is hosted on the server snowball, which is currently down.

An announcement was sent half an hour ago saying they are working on it.

Yes, I’ve just received the message (after 2 hours), but how and where I can find out that my database is hosted on snowball?

You can see what MySQL server you are on in the Status -> MySQL Usage section of the panel.

Alternatively, you can lookup the IP address from the database hostname ( -> and then do a reverse lookup on that IP address ( ->

Only an hour?

You should feel lucky. I have several (4) emails that have not been responded to in over a DAY! And I have TWO sites down.