Site Down from 4 day, please help!

Hy, the website is down from Friday. Thought it is a temporary error and it will be online but observed today that is still not working.

In my control panel I have tried to get a live agent more than 10 times in the last 5 hours but I keep get the message: “Sorry, we aren’t online at the moment.”

Also I have opened two tickets but still no response. Wrote on Twiter, still no response. What is wrong with your public relations department and more important what is wrong with the site, why is it down and not working.

Tried and all looks OK but site not working!

Please help me, what is wrong with the website?"

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Hey Mirel… As I also checked your site, its propely propagated and, every thing seems well, but in further if you face any problem I would prefer you to check it from the above mentioned links… It will really help you…


The site is resolving for me.