Site down for 12 hours and counting

we periodically get a message from customer support telling us we are back up.

dream host is holding our data hostage. this service is awful. ironically, this is the second time this happened in the past 72 hours. i’m not joking (sadly).

Did they send you one of those cheesy notes “Give us muny or we kill your data!” like in the cartoons? I find their service excellent. Heck, my last report showed 100% uptime for this past week. I don’t see what’s ironic about your site being down a second time, unless your site is all about uptime.

What’s the domain?


actually they’ve sent us several messages claiming the site was up when it was not. i even paid the extra money for a call back, and received one 30 hours after the site went down the first time. he was apologetic and friendly, but it was clear that we had been the victim of excessive abuse. we have not received a callback for the second outage (yet).

the domain is we’ve brought up a new site and remapped DNS for this afternoon to the new site. unfortunately all of our source code is sitting at dreamhost on our development repository, and unless we want to flush all changes, we are helpless until comes up (again).

and regarding the point on irony, you don’t find it ironic that we are down twice in 72 hours, or about 24/72 hours downtime? and which sites don’t value up time?


Wouldn’t you still be able to FTP to your old site and get the files out of the development repository? I’m not an SVN expert, but I thought the files actually existed somewhere.

I don’t use the word “irony” that often, as it doesn’t often apply. The outage is more annoying than ironic.