Site down - did I break it with FTP copying?

HI there.

OK, I’m not too sure what’s happening but my site is down again. Longer than usual and it isn’t displaying the “waiting for…”. It just says “DONE” and endless loading of nothing.

I was trying to copy the wpcontent folder via FTP and now I don’t know what on earth has happened. I’m hoping it hasn’t somehow started to “cut” instead of copy. The FTP client says “copy” as far as I know.

Thanks for any suggestions.

FTP blows my mind It is so confusing to me I just use WP to build my sites but I am going to have to learn FTP I guess , what do you use for FTP?I have downloaded flashfxp but have not leared how to use it yet.

Which way did you “copy” the folder? From the server (download), or To the server (upload)? Was it just the wp-content folder?

What’s the URL for your site?

What errors do you see when you open your site?

I’ll suggest you to check the the log files for errors at /home/username/logs.

Pay attention on file permissions as well.